Time Presenters Title
100-120 Cory Merow
Rob Anderson
Brian Enquist
120-140 Brian Enquist Introduction BIEN - The Botanical Information and Ecology Network (bien3.org)
140-200 Brian McGill Dirty Data
200-220 Brad Boyle Taxonomic Name Resolution Service
220-230 Break
230-250 Brian Maitner Accessing New World plant data: RBien
250-300 Rob Anderson
Jamie Kass
Wallace - An R-based reproducible workflow for ecological analyses
300-340 Jamie Kass
Matt Aiello-Lammens
wallace Demo
340-400 Cory Merow Integrating biogeographic data with other spatial maps: bossMaps
400-420 Naia Morueta-Holme Species network associations: netassoc
420-440 Drew Kerkhoff Teaching ecoinformatics to undergrads
440-500 Rob Anderson
Cory Merow
Future Directions

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install.packages(c('devtools', 'netassoc'),dep=T)
install.packages(c('bossMaps','ggplot2','foreach', 'dplyr','tidyr','raster'),dep=T)
install.packages('rgdal', 'mapdata','dismo','rJava' ,'maptools','jsonlite',dep=T)

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