Course content is designed to be flexible to accommodate student interest and abilities.

Date Location Time Title Description
Tues, Nov 29 ESC110 4-530pm Spatial Data Analysis with R We’ll use spatial data to introduce fundamental concepts for the R programming language and teach best coding practices useful for beginners and experienced alike. Goals include: (1) Experience useful for future, more specific workshops with BGC; (2) Setting up a workflow to make sure coding isn’t annoying; (3) Loops; (4) Writing functions; (5) Using raster (spatial) data; (6) Customizable pretty plots.
Mon, Jan 9 Tucson, AZ 1-5pm Integrating and cleaning biodiversity data A workshop at the International Biogeography Society meeting. Course details
Thurs, Jan 26 OML202 4-530pm Mapping Species Ranges We’ll use a complete workflow – from data download to pretty maps of predictions – to model a species geographic distribution (range). Goals include learning how to use:(1) Understand modeling decisions; (2) Statistical regression techniques; (3) Machine learning techniques; (4) Manipulate rasters; (5) Customize plots; (6) Write a workflow that others can use.